As part of the hospitality at the Down Over Bed and Breakfast in Arrow Rock, we are pleased to offer you a full breakfast in the morning along with beverages and breads for early risers.

As guests gather ‘round the beautiful tiger oak table in the dining room, a full, sit-down breakfast will be served each morning, usually at 8:30 a.m. Coffee and tea are available after 7 a.m.
This is a perfect time to make new friendships or continue conversations with fellow guests.

May peace be with you while you stay and joy be with you on your way

Breakfast at Downover Bed and Breakfast

Our full breakfasts consist of a fruit, an entree, and baked goods and are ‘cook’s choice’, rather than a buffet or ‘cooked to order’.

To help us prepare a breakfast you will enjoy, please tell us when booking of ANY dietary restrictions you may have. Many of our breakfasts are casserole-style creations that cannot be changed before serving but can be adapted if we know of any problems before your arrival! Dietary restrictions include things like no sugar, allergies to wheat, eggs or dairy, religious restrictions on pork and shellfish, no meat for vegetarians, etc. We do our best to prepare a delicious breakfast for all of our guests. There are times, however, when we cannot meet all dietary restrictions – in that case, we have cereal, granola and yogurt available for you.